Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Steel Frame Construction Drawing

Hi Team,

I have drawn a steel frame construction detail. Please can you give me some feedback before the meeting tomorrow morning. Once we finalize this detail, we can send it out to be fabricated and build the frame.

Best regards

Mark K

Friday, November 26, 2010

Full Size corner detail


Today GK and I built a new tested corner detail, which we tested at full scale 1:1 in grey card. The detail shown is the steel corner between two floor frame units, as shown in our attached sketch. The frame corner allows two triangular frames to move as people walk between two steel frame triangles. The frame corners are now ready to be fabricated by a steel contractor. We have a 1:1 physical model we can show to the steel welder, to get 6 corners built. I feel we are now ready to move forward and order all the component parts for the frame. Jeremy the steel poles are 1 1/2 inch diameter to connect into the trapeze gromits. We have specified 1/2 inch holes on the steel plate for the cables to connect into.


Mark K and GK

Component List - Shown in the model

4 x Mild steel cylindrical tubes 2'' x 10''

2 x Mild Steel Plate 3/16'' x 8 1/2'' x 6''

1 x Steel Bolt and Screw 1/2'' x 2'' x 1 1/2''

4 x Steel Tubes 10' x 1.5'' (10 foot tubes not shown in the model)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

hard and soft pods

A network of pods and cables are suspended over a creek. Each pod has four fixed connection points, but any material or program can be inserted in between these points. Here pods are assembled in a hard to soft gradient for various program: working>observing>sleeping.

GK's Parasite Structure